A DISTRAUGHT couple fear their feisty and much-loved pet was either killed or stolen by burglars as he tried to protect their home.

The thieves broke into Terry Proctor and Lynn Seabrook’s house and ransacked their bedroom in May Avenue, Canvey, after they had left for work.

Although they got away with nothing of monetary value, the couple’s four-year-old Boston Terrier, Frank, was nowhere to be seen when Mr Proctor, 49, discovered the break-in on Tuesday, November 13.

“Frank’s quite firey and would have gone for them,” Mr Proctor said.

“He’s only about 13 or 14ins off the ground, but he will have a go, he’s not frightened of anything and will protect his property.

“Nothing else was taken, I think they came looking for cash and jewellery on the off chance, but I’m more worried about the dog.”

Ms Seabrook, 50, found traces of blood and saliva on a set of french doors in the house on Wednesday, November 14 and the couple now think Frank was either thrown against the door and killed or has been bagged up and taken away by the criminals.

They were hoping police would return to test the samples to find out if they were human or animal, but were disappointed when they were allegedly told no one would be going back.

However, an Essex Police spokesman said: “Scenes of crime officers (SOCO) were due to go back to the house yesterday, November 15 to look at the samples found after the burglary.

“It is terrible that these criminals may have either harmed or stolen a much loved pet. We will be working with the couple and hope to publicise a photo to see if anyone has seen or heard anything about Frank.”

So far there has been no sign of Frank and no one has come forward with information despite Mr Proctor’s desperate appeals.

He added: “I’ve been everywhere looking for him. I thought he might have got frightened and run off, but no one’s seen him. We’re absolutely distraught.”

The break-in happened between 9am and 10am.

Any witnesses or anyone with information should contact Essex Police on 101.