MUMS and Dads have welcomed in the New Year in style by bringing a new life into the world.

Many partygoers may have been out on the town celebrating the start of 2013 or even tucked up in bed early but some proud parents were up all night.

The midwives and nurses at Basildon Hospital were delivering babies in the early hours of the morning, oblivious to the fireworks in London but they were providing the sparks as they helped mother’s give birth to sons and daughters.

The staff were kept occupied as 2013 dawned with four new babies born. Staff said it has been a fairly quiet night but were expecting things to get much busier as the day wore on.

Catherine Nixon, midwife at Basildon Hospital, said: “We may have only had a few up to now but rest assured it will get a lot busier. All the mum’s did brilliantly last night and it is always lovely to see the smiles on their faces when they first see their new child.”

Things were a lot quieter at Southend Hospital with no births in the early hours of the morning.

The four babies were:


Baby Alfie-Lee Bannister

Parents - Casey Sharpe, 21, and Leon Bannister, 26 from Grays

Weight - 8lb 13 oz Born - 3.18am on January 1 at Basildon Hospital

Due - December 19

Labour - 14 hours

First-time mum Casey said the labour was long but was so glad to finally have her baby boy with her. “It was really hard work but it was all worth it in the end. It seemed to go on forever and I had to have a caeserian but it was a real relief when it was over. He is so beautiful and it makes us so happy to see his face look up at us. It is the perfect way to start the New Year and I am sure it will be a very busy year.”

Alfie-Lee is Leon’s third child and said he is absolutely beautiful.

“It is a wonderful time for us as a family and I am looking forward to all that is to follow. We are ecstatic.”


Baby Jake Wright

Parents - Sherrie Jackson, 28 and Lee Wright, 29, from Wickford

Weight - 8lb 7oz

Born - 12.29am on January 1 at Basildon Hospital

Due - December 31

Labour - 4 hours

Second-time mum Sherrie said she was delighted to have had a little boy. She has a two-year-old daughter, Chloe, and said she was pleased her labour didn’t last as long as some of the other women.

“It is such an amazing feeling to look down at your little ones face and know he is yours. There are times when you wonder how long it will take but I can’t really complain. My due date was only one day before so everyone went as expected."

Sherrie felt contractions at 8pm on New Years Eve and said it was lucky they didn’t have anything planned.

“We didn’t have anything to do really so it worked out quite well and here we are. It’s wonderful."


Baby Elodie Valentine

Parents - Stephanie, 34, and David, 37, Valentine, from Orsett

Weight - 6lb and 14oz

Born - 2.01am on January 1 at Basildon Hospital

Due - January 8

Labour - 30 minutes

Stephanie said she was so happy to see her daughter born and couldn’t believe how short her labour was.

“It was incredible to only be in labour for that amount of time. When you arrive at the hospital you can only imagine how long you will be in there. Compared to some of the other woman here I was extremely fortunate. I certainly am not complaining but it’s a bit of a shock.”

She said she arrived at the hospital at 1.20am and Elodie was born by 2 o’clock. This is her second child, after two-and-a-half year old Harry, and said she was at home watching a film when she realised she had to go to hospital.

“It wasn’t your typical New Years Eve but it is certainly the most special.”


Baby Archie Halls

Parents - Lea Jeffery, 20, and Roy Halls, 24, from Pitsea

Weight - 6lb 3oz

Born - 6.20am on January 1 at Basildon Hospital

Due - December 31

Labour - 40 minutes

First-time mum Lea said she couldn’t stop looking at her son and was so proud.

“He has the most beautiful face and I am so grateful to everyone for making the birth as quick and painless as they could. He really is perfect to us and we can’t wait for the future."

She said she had been at a party with her partner Roy on New Years Eve but knew the baby could come at any time.

“I knew something was happening and we didn’t stay at the party long. We got to the hospital at about 5.30am and before I knew it he was out. It’s the perfect start to the year.”