HUNDREDS of campaigners want the speed limit in their road reduced following a string of accidents.

More than 240 people have signed a petition calling for change in The Fairway, Leigh.

The busy street has been the site of nine incidents since 2010 and residents want the 30mph speed limit cut to 20mph or the entire road removed from a list of trunk routes to combat the problem.

But Southend Council chiefs say there is not enough evidence of a common cause between the incidents to take action.

Cheryl Hindle-Terry, Southend Council’s traffic management team leader, said: “Where isolated collisions occur and data does not indicate any common factors, intervention is exceptionally difficult.

“It is also important that, with the limited budgets, intervention is prioritised and targeted at those locations where there is a clear indication and statistical evidence that collisions can be reduced through such interventions and the impact will be positive.”

Residents sprang into action following an incident in July last year.

However, council staff had been keeping tabs on the road since 2010 and recorded nine collisions, including one in which a cyclist was left severely injured after biking into the path of a car.

Residents want a 20mph limit for 750m either side of Fairways Primary School, or the delisting of the road from the authority’s designated distributor routes.

The routes show the major paths through the borough for traffic and The Fairway is listed as a main connection to the A127.

However, council chiefs said delisting the road would not have any appreciable effect, as most motorists rely on sat navs or their own knowledge to find their way around.

They pointed out a warning sign - which lights up when speeding vehicles approach it - had already been installed in the street and it could also be targeted by new, mobile versions.

A final decision will be taken by councillors at the traffic and parking working committee tomorrow. However, Ms Hindle-Terry called for caution.

“Removing The Fairway from the designated distributor route would adversely impact on the traffic movement and is not considered appropriate,” she said.

“Similarly, introducing 20mph speed limit is unlikely to have any impact on any collisions, as speed is not a contributory factor in accidents.”