MESSAGES of support have flooded in for legendary Dr Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson after he was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

On Wednesday the Echo revealed that Wilko, 65, had been told by medics in the new year that he had untreatable pancreatic cancer.

The original member of Canvey band Dr Feelgood carved out a successful international solo career since leaving the band in 1977.

Wilko, who lives in Westcliff, has vowed to make the most of the time he has left, “playing and partying where he can”.

Fans of the talented songwriter and guitarist took to social networking sites to show support and share their sadness following the announcement.

Many have paid tribute to him on Twitter.

Actor John Simm said: "Very sad to hear about Wilko Johnson having terminal Cancer. One of the GREATEST and most influential British guitarists."

Singer Alison Moyet, who is from Laindon, described playing with Johnson as "One of my absolute top favourite guest spots ever".

Blur guitarist Graham Coxon added: "A total inspiration to me... Literally white knuckle telecaster abuse. “

Fans tweeted:


@Rick_Lawrence: “Sad to hear about Wilko Johnson- I still play Dr Feelgood albums”

@scorpioredhair: “Oh no. Wilko Johnson- my hero since my first Dr Feelgood gig at Winning Post, Twickenham”

@StephenBevan: “Sad news about the unique Dr Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson”

@gleneckett: “Sad to hear that Wilko Johnson has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. A music icon who put our little island well and truly on the map”

@allyskeats: “So sad to hear in the Echo the news about local legend Wilko Johnson. Love how he vows to keep rocking. That definitely deserved a trend”

@PeterRMiles: “Legendary Dr Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer. Awful news, a genuine Essex legend”

@LeeRourke: “Sad, sad news about Wilko Johnson”

@dannyaharrison: Sad news about Wilko Johnson’s health. What a great attitude though”

@KCMANC: “Shocking news re Wilko Johnson. If you don’t know much about him I urge you to watch Oil City Confidential”

@martinfife: “Such sad news about Wilko Johnson, I hope he enjoys his time and goes out with a bang! Dr Feelgood were an ace band”

@PaddyShennan: “Extremely sad news about that Dr Feelgood guitarist Wilko Johnson has been diagnosed with terminal pancreatic cancer”

@JonDennis: “Extremely sad. Long live Wilko!”

@The_Ramblers: “Get well Wilko Johnson, the bands thoughts are with you.”

@golfmangosierra: “Awful news about Wilko Johnson. Hope there’s a chance he will get over it”

@PatrickSawer: ”Best wishes to Wilko Johnson, guitar hero to a generation, after he is diagnosed with terminal cancer”

@foodepedia: “Wilko Johnson on his way out. Sad. Don’t suppose many people on Twitter have ever heard of Dr Feelgood. I loved them”

@mjb2007: “Thoughts are with the awesome Wilko Johnson and his family”

@marcellocarlin: “Best wishes go out to Wilko Johnson and his family; a great, great musician who will be severely missed”

@GrahamPakrerPR: “Sad to hear about Wilko Johnson, a true musical great due to leave us too soon”