AN Essex bus service has been criticised after its lateness continues to cause problems on Castle Point.

The number 26 First Buses service, which operates in the borough, has failed to turn up on time on numerous occasions, with one furious woman claiming it is endangering her job.

Maryna Woolcott, 47, who lives on Central Wall Road, Canvey, has to use the service every day and says if she is late for her cleaning job at The King John School she is deducted pay.

As Mrs Woolcott only works part-time she says any docked pay has a big effect on her at the end of the week.

Mrs Woolcott buys a monthly bus ticket for £42, but despite often not getting the service due to lateness is unable to claim back any compensation.

She said: “I get a regular bus every day to go to work but it is becoming increasingly difficult as the service is so unreliable. The bus stop is right outside our house and I know the timetable yet I am constantly left waiting. It is not good enough. We complained on six separate occasions last year and were only once issued with a free scratch pass for a couple of days free travel.”

Mrs Woolcott uses the bus service in the afternoons to get to work but says the bus is so often late she has to rely on her husband Laurie, who works shifts as a security guard, to take her to the school in Hadleigh.

Mr Woolcott, 55, said: “It is ridiculous. I won’t always be here to drive my wife to work so the bus needs to show up, and show up on time. I have spoken to First Essex, with them promising to investigate the complaints, but then nothing else happens.”

Mrs Woolcott pays £42 a month for a bus pass, but has so far received no compensation from First buses.

A spokesperson for First Buses said: “I have spoken with the Operations Manager for our Hadleigh depot who is aware of the complaint and is working with the Customer Service team to resolve it. We welcome feedback such as this as it allows us to review our services and make improvements if necessary.

"With regards to compensation, First are governed by the Customer Charter, which is used in cases such as this, to reach an appropriate level of recompense."