A LIGHT of remembrance will go on a tour of Canvey to pay tribute to the victims of the North Sea Flood.

Fifty-eight islanders tragically lost their lives and hundreds were evacuated when the North Sea came crashing inland one fateful night in January 1953.

Survivors of the tragedy will be coming together at numerous events across the island to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the disaster.

Now, plans have been unveiled for a special mobile torch to be transported to and lit at each event, to serve as a memorial beacon to the victims.

County councillor Ray Howard, who is also a borough and town councillor, said: “I am delighted to announce that that we will be arranging for a mobile torch to go to the events. The community has really come together, including Castle Point, Essex and Canvey Town councils, to arrange these events and it is right that we have done so. It is so important we remember what happened and all the people who tragically lost their lives that day.”