DETAILED plans have been submitted for a £340,000 revamp of a block of council flats blighted by overflowing bins and anti-social behaviour.

Frustrated residents of Chapman Court, in Seaview Road, Canvey have had to contend with yobs setting alight to dumped furniture, rotting rubbish festering in their communal courtyard and maggot infestations for years because there isn’t enough room for them to store their communal waste.

Now, the end is in sight as Castle Point Council has agreed to refurbish the block of flats to help put a stop to the problems and make the estate a nicer place to live.

Improving security will be a top priority with new door entry systems installed to enclose the stairwells, after a specialist police buildings expert was drafted in to offer advice on how to make the flats less vulnerable to crime.

Revamping the communal courtyard with better lighting, new paving and planting, as well as a replacement bin storage area will also be high on the agenda.

Beverley Egan, Conservative councillor responsible for homes and customer engagement, said: “Tenants have a right to live in decent homes and we’re hoping these changes will make a visible difference and also address some of the comments and concerns from residents.

“We’ve been looking closely at our housing stock to see the areas which need refurbishing, and it’s been good to really engage with residents, listen to their needs, and where we can, act on them.”

Repairs will also be carried out to the gutters and drainage, as well as interior decoration to give the building a fresh new look.

If approved, the works are expected to start in spring 2013.