HIGH-VISIBILTY resident security patrols are being planned in Thorpe Bay - in an effort to drive down burglary.

The matter is being urgently discussed by Burges Estate Residents Association in the wake of worrying spate of break-ins.

The plan is for pairs of residents, kitted out in high visibility vests with ‘security’ emblazoned on them and torches, to hit the streets at alloted times.

Each team would patrol two streets each - during the peak burglary times of 4pm to 11pm.

It comes after at least ten homes were raided in the last three weeks.

Ron Woodley, independent councillor for Thorpe Bay, has floated the new idea after several residents came to him with their concerns.

He said: “The last thing any potential burglar or criminal wants is to have people that are visibly walking the streets as a deterrent, and that’s what it would be.

“I would not want anybody to approach a suspect, they all have mobile phones and they can ring 999 immediately.”