A TEENAGER has thanked an off-duty paramedic for saving her life after she was hit by a car.

Danielle Dresou, 19, was run over and suffered terrible head injuries after the accident outside her home in Caledonia Lane, Wickford.

Luckily for Danielle, who was lying unconscious in the road, off-duty paramedic Nikki Wyatt, 38, was passing the scene and saw Danielle and a woman waving for help.

Nikki, who stayed at the scene for an hour and helped the first responder with treatment, crucially turned Danielle from her back onto her side to clear her airway and help her breathe.

Danielle and her mum Julie have now been reunited with Nikki, who has been a paramedic for 12 years, to say thank you in person.

Danielle, who works at Swallow Aquatics in Wickford, said: “I have no memory of the crash and couldn’t remember Nikki at all but it was amazing to finally meet her. I can’t thank her enough because she saved my life.

“I am back to work two days a week and trying to get back to normal. I still suffer from headaches but each day is better. I can’t believe after everything that happened I am still here.”

Danielle was taken to Basildon Hospital for tests which revealed she had a bleed on the brain and she was immediately transferred to Queen’s Hospital, Romford, where she was put in an induced coma for five days.

After ten days in hospital Danielle’s parents went in search of Nikki and through family friends they found out she lived just five minutes away and took her chocolates and flowers to thank her for what she’d done.

 After meeting Danielle and Julie, Nikki, who is a mother of two, said: “I was really chuffed to see them both.

"They were so appreciative and gave me a hug and I truly believe we’ll be friends for life.

“In the 12 years I’ve been in this job, I’ve never been thanked like that. It was just great to know that Danielle is OK and that I helped in some way, it was totally humbling