HIS cartoons have already attracted throngs of people through the doors of Leigh Community Centre, and comedian Phill Jupitus will be in conversation with Guardian cartoonist Martin Rowson on Friday.

The pair will chat about the work, drawing and their own experiences at the evening, as well as Phill’s collection of work that’s on display at White Wall Space in Metal’s Cafe Valise at the community centre at the moment.

The exhibition, Collected Doodlings 1983-2012, showcases Phill’s artistic work, with pieces done for the Times, the Guardian and the Beano as well as posters and his own comic strips.

Martin meanwhile has carved out a reputation as a modern Hogarth, with his scathingly satirical cartoons in the Guardian every politician’s nightmare.

Some of his most delightedly wicked renderings have seen Nick Clegg as a grotesque Pinocchio, and other top level politicians are no safer from his witty, razor sharp pen.

The pair will have plenty of stories to entertain art lovers and fans alike, and we spoke to Martin ahead of the event to get some of his best anecdotes about working in the cut throat world of politics - and being one of an elite profession with the freedom to mock politicians as much as they like.

Phill Jupitas will be in coversation with Martin Rowson on Friday February 1 at7.30pm at White Wall Space, Cafe Valise, Leigh Community Centre, Elm Road, Leigh. Tickets are £6 from: metalculture.com or Leigh Community Centre.


Watch: Phill Jupitus talks about his drawing influences. Video courtesy of Metal.