A WATER tank overflowed spilling litres of water into the flats below blowing electrics and flooding properties.

Firefighters from Leigh fire station were called by desperate residents who had water pouring through their ceilings on at least three floors of the seven storey Grand Court West flats, in Leigh.

Crews helped isolate the water supply to prevent further damage to the flats in Grand Drive and spent time clearing up.

Residents spent most of Tuesday mopping up and contacting insurers following the deluge at around 10.30pm on Monday.

Lynne Letley and her partner Martin Hayes were watching television when they first heard a dripping sound.

Lynne, 64, who lives on the top floor, said; “We dismissed it as the dishwasher was on. A neighbour rang to tell me there was a leak somewhere coming through to other flats so we checked around the flat and I put the light on in the bathroom and it blew.

“There was water absolutely pouring through the light fittings and our electric fan heater fixed to the ceiling. Our airing cupboard was sodden too.

“Water was just sitting on top of the carpet. As fast as we could mop it with towels it was pouring through and seeping downstairs.”

Her neighbour below a lady in her 80s was badly affected with water running down her walls and into her kitchen cupboards.

Lynne added: “She was really distressed by it all. The firefighters were helping her and her daughter was on her way so we hurried back upstairs as by clearing our water up meant it would stop it coming through her ceiling.”

Leading firefighter Ian Randall from Leigh said: “There was a lot of water damage. We mopped up what we could but water was stuck in the fabric of the building and just had to drain through.”

The resident opposite also had his bathroom flooded which went through his wooden floors to the flat downstairs.

Lynne said; “It was so bad on that side of the block, it must be the tank that side that flooded. Two floors down which was empty at the time had water pooling out the front door it was so bad.

”It’s been extremely inconvenient.”

Sorrells the managing agents for the flats were contacted for comment but did not respond. It is understood new water tanks were installed within the last two years and one of the ball valves stopped working which meant it overflowed.

Engineers were working during yesterday to fix the lifts and electricians were on site to restore power to the main communal areas and the lift room, which was badly flooded.