AN ELDERLY man has resorted to camping out in his car - after it was repeatedly targeted by vandals.

The victim is at the end of his tether with the yobs who have left a huge dent in his roof, smashed a light and damaged his numberplate.

He has now mounted a 24-hour vigil in Holland Road, Westcliff, to try and catch those responsible red-handed.

He has been braving freezing temperatures and supportive neighbours have been bringing him cups of tea.

Trevor Bell, who lives in Holland Road, said: “He has been sitting in there all-night long underneath a blanket and told everyone if we heard him to come rushing out quickly.

“It’s horrible to see him out there, he looked so sad.”

Mr Bell, 66, said the man told him he lived in Homecove flats and had bought a car, but didn’t have space in their private carpark.

He believes the problems happened after he began to park in Holland Road.

Cheryl Hindle-Terry, Southend Council’s team leader for the parking, traffic management and road safety team, said: “We are not considering any parking changes in this location. We consulted residents in a large area around Westcliff Station and seafront during 2011 and received a low response."

Police confirmed that they had received two reports of criminal damage, with the latest being overnight on January 16,and are investigating.

Anyone with information should call Southend police on 101.