COMPLAINTS have been made over foul smells emanating from a recreational ground which has been left to stagnate under water for months.

Frustrated residents have been kicking up a stink after being unable to use Smallgains Recreational Ground, in Smallgains Avenue, Canvey since last October as persistent heavy rainfall has left the land covered in water.

The water has been left so long on the site, which is popular with dog walkers, it has started to stagnate leaving a nasty pong in the air.

This comes after the Echo reported last Friday about concerns over high water levels at the RSPB West Canvey Marsh, in Canvey Road, said to be the highest the island’s ever seen.

Brenda Easton, 71, of Whernside Avenue, Canvey, said: “Something needs to be done because it’s been like it for months and no one can use it. It’s dangerous because a lot of children and dog walkers go over there, and any one of them could jump in not knowing how deep it is.

“It really is starting to smell. I certainly hope it will be sorted before the summer because otherwise it’s just going to become a mosquito haven.

“This area of Canvey was one of the worst hit during the 1953 flood. I know we have great flood defences but no one not even the experts can be certain it will never happen again, we’ve got to be careful.”

Aspiring footballers from the Island Boys and Girls Club, who have the usage rights for the land, have also been forced to find an alternative venue to practise since late last year.
Councillor Peter May, vice chairman of the club, said: “I would love for the Environment Agency to find a solution to this problem because it is a real shame that we cannot use it.”