RESIDENTS claim regular power cuts are making Westcliff feel like a third world country.

The area has suffered seven blackouts in the past three weeks and residents claim UK Power Networks, which is responsible for the electricity supply, won’t tell them the cause.

It told the Echo there had been a series of unrelated faults and it was working to find out why they were happening.

Last Tuesday morning 70 households in Ramuz Drive were left without power for several hours.

Steve Breeds, 58, who lives in the street, said: “We arrive home from work to find no heating, no lighting, no shower facilities and no cooking facilities.

“The frequency of these power cuts is intolerable and it feels like we are living in a third world country.”

The power supply usually fails at the same time; in the early evening, just as most workers arrive home. Blackouts last between three and four hours.

Mr Breeds and other residents have complained to UK Power Networks, but are frustrated that the problems persist.