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    supermadmax wrote:
    Its my understanding that benefits are not just stopped, claimants are given a number of warnings & chances, and even after that they can appeal, during the appeal period benefits will continued to be paid. As far as I'm concerned its very reasonable that claimants have to provide proof that they are approaching 5-10 employers a week (remember all they have to do is look on the site, send a cv to a job, and follow it up (that alone counts as three steeps!! and they only have to do 15 steps a week!) I believe the real problem is that now their adviser can log into the on line account to see what search activity the claimants have been doing, and they are quite rightly pulling up the people refusing to do the bear minimum. Like it or loath it the British benefits system is one of the best in the world & the only people who have issue with these changes are those who were abusing the system & have no intention of getting a job. "Mr Cooke said he would now be launching a petition outside the job centre to find out how many people are in the same boat and want the system changed." I doubt he will, words are cheap, but if he does I concede that is proactive & displays get up & go, although I cant help but feel if he put that attitude into his job search someone would have given him a chance by now. Please review Mr Cooke : http://www.dailymail 2284542/Art-Bouvier- Man-spots-Jhaqueil-R eagan-walking-10-mil es-job-interview-giv es-job.html
    You're 'understanding' of the rules my friend is completely wrong.

    Benefits are stopped without warning.

    Usually notification is given one or two days before payment is due that none will be made that week.

    If a claimant does have the audacity to appeal a decision it can take up to five weeks for the appeal to be 'validated'. During this validation period no benefit payment is made and you're advised to borrow.

    Once the appeal has been validated payment may be made at a reduced rate until the appeal is decided (which can take up to 9 months).

    Win the appeal and you get your backdated money but then the whole process begins again.

    Stop believing what you read in the Daily Mail."
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Man launches petition following sanctions to job seekers

Echo: Man launches petition following sanctions to job seekers Man launches petition following sanctions to job seekers

A DESPERATE man told how his life has been left in tatters because of the new stringent santions on claiming jobs seekers’ allowance.

Nicky Cooke, 34, has been left homeless after his benefits were stopped and fears many others could be in the same hopeless position.

It comes after the Government changed the allowance system, last October, and put sanctions on people deemed not to be trying hard enough to find a job.

But Mr Cooke said they were getting too tough and he had provided proof that he had contacted scores of employers each week.

He said: “They were saying I’m not actively seeking work, there’s a ‘doubt’ on my claim form. “But I’m doing more than enough to look for work, every time I go there on a Tuesday to sign on I give them my job search list and I’m filling out both sides of the form.”

The Echo reported last week that the Storehouse charity, which provides food parcels to the needy in Southend, had been overwhelmed since the sanctions came into place. They are now having to feed more than 200 people a day - compared with just 60 a day three years ago. 

Mr Cooke said he would now be launching a petition outside the job centre to find out how many people are in the same boat and want the system changed. 

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