ANOTHER leading GP has spoken out about proposed changes to move blood testing out of south Essex.

Dr Nicholas Tresidder says GPs in Thurrock are “sceptical” about a change due in April 2014 that will see routine blood and other pathology samples travel 88 miles away to Bedford Hospital for analysis rather than being tested at Southend and Basildon hospitals.

The Echo is campaigning against the move and contacted each of the chairs of the four south Essex Clincial Commissioning Groups (CCG) who will make the decision whether to sign the contracts.

Dr Tresidder, who is the interim chair of Thurrock CCG, said: “I absolutely share your concerns that this should be about patients and not money. A large number of clinicians within Thurrock are sceptical about this being a good idea.

“We are worried that if we go too far down this line that there may be difficulty returning to the current service should either the new service not be fit for practice or not produce the predicted savings.”