TRADERS claim they are looked in a battle with a road owner over repairs to a Benfleet industrial estate.

Firms on the Manor Trading Estate have called for huge potholes and cracks to be repaired on the access road to the site.

The repair works would have to be sanctioned by Ray Dove, who privately owns the access road, but it is believed he has not acted on the demands as some business have not coughed up the cash for the last set of works done.

John Rickwood, chairman of the Manor Trading Estate Association and owner of Manor Reclaim, said: “It is horrendous down here and needs to be addressed. We continue to trade very well and we want it to continue that way so if there are some companies that aren’t paying for works carried out last year then Mr Dove should take them to court and not punish those who have paid.

“Cars are being damaged as they go down the roads and lorries are often damaging their cargo as it is pushed around because of the uneven surfaces.”

Mr Rickwood also called for Castle Point Council to sit down with the traders and Mr Dove to reach a resolution.

He said: “I understand it is outside of their remit but never the less we all pay extremely high rates and I am sure they want us to continue a thriving trade.”

The estate is home to some 83 companies vital to the local economy.

Mr Dove declined to comment.