Car parking problems continue at Festival Way

5:00pm Tuesday 26th February 2013

By Luke Lambert

A DOUBLE parking problem has just moved to another road after restrictions were put in.

Vehicles are parking the length of Festival Way in Basildon after they had to move on from Endeavour Drive which has been painted with yellow lines by Essex County Council. It is thought the cars belong to employees of First Data which moved into Endeavour Drive in 2010 after its former headquarters in Christopher Martin Road were demolished.

Ralph Morgan, spokesman for the Basildon Hackney Carriage Association, first highlighted the issue in Endeavour Drive and now says it is just as bad in Festival Way.

He said: “These drivers need to be more responsible. They come here to work but they are parking in such an irresponsible way that it is not fair on anyone. I don’t think it is too much to ask to think of other drivers when you are parking. They didn’t think about this when they were parking on Endeavour Drive and here we are again.

“First Data need to speak with their staff because this is getting worse and worse. I feel strongly about this and it needs to be addressed.”

An Essex County Council spokesman said: “The use of waiting restrictions on Endeavour Drive are to prevent highways road users from parking in an inconsiderate or obstructive manner.

“Areas on Endeavour Drive where the parking restrictions will be placed have been coned-off to prevent highways users from parking in preparation for the installation of the double yellow lines.”

First Data failed to reply by the time the Echo went to press.


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