A NURSE accused of a string of blunders at a private care home in Thundersley could be struck off.

Oluwatoyin Thomas, 41, is facing a professional misconduct hearing after being charged by the Nursing and Midwifery Council with offences of incompetence.

It is alleged while working as a nurse at Bupa-run Golden Lodge residential home, in Hart Road, Thundersley, on the night shift of December 7, 2011, she left the Cedars Unit without approval or providing any cover or handover to another qualified nurse.

Miss Thomas, who also runs health consultancy firm Boyapat from her home in Chesterton Way, Tilbury, is accused of a number of errors in dispensing medication to patients during the same shift. This included charges of:

* Failing to ensure the security of keys to the drug store by leaving them lying around the home * Pre-potting medication for patients before they were due to receive it

* Leaving drugs in open medication pots on top of a cabinet

* Signing patient paperwork saying they had been given their medication, before it was due at 6am

* Signing a controlled drugs register without a second nurse checking and signing it, as required.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council also alleges Miss Thomas was dishonest by signing the patient paperwork early, as she knew they had not received the doses.

If found guilty, the nurse could face sanctions, including being struck off the nursing register, suspended from practising, made to work on restricted duties, given a warning or forced to undergo training.

The hearing is due to place in central London next month.