ANGRY neighbours have criticised a Canvey pub’s decision to charge customers to use its car park.

They say the move means many customers are now clogging up the streets around the King Canute, in Canvey Road, rather than paying to park.

Angry neighbours say customers are not only parking in nearby Edith Road, but are even using their driveways.

John Meekcoms, 66, has lived in Edith Road for 28 years, and said he has never seen so many parked cars there.

He added: “The main issue I have is the drivers insist on blocking the top end of the road, meaning people like me, who live further down, are sometimes unable to get to our homes.

“When the pub introduced parking charges, I didn’t really give it a lot of thought, but in the past few weeks, it has been getting more and more frustrating.

“At the weekend it is not as big a problem, but during the weekdays it can be a nightmare.

“Me and my fellow residents only hope the publicans are a bit more considerate in the future.”

The pub is charging customers £1 to park, but says they can claim it back when they buy something at the bar.

A spokesman for the pub said: “A pay and display system has been in operation at the King Canute for some time.

“This was introduced as a result of non-patrons using the car park and visiting the local shops, causing a problem for customers who wanted to visit the pub. All customers using the car park have the £1 fee deducted from their bar or food bills.”

County, borough and town councillor Ray Howard, said: “I’m concerned, as my constituents should not have to tolerate this sort of behaviour from motorists, just because the King Canute has imposed parking charges.

“The residents in Edith Road have a lot to contend with as it is. They certainly don’t deserve this.

“I will fight their cause and, if necessary, speak to the South Essex Parking Partnership to see if there is any chance to putting down yellow lines.”