A DEVOTED teacher has been honoured with a prestigious award at Buckingham Palace.

Kimberley Allen, who teaches health and social care at Seevic College, in Kiln Road, Thundesley, was recognised for her work by Princess Anne.

Mrs Allen, from Shoebury, was the only teacher of her type to be given the Tallow Chandlers’ Health, Care and the Community Award this year.

She was nominated after picking up a City&Guilds prize for her work in social care.

She said: “I was teaching a preparing to work in care certificate, with Vocational Training Services and in partnership with the Jobcentre, which was awarded by City & Guilds.

“I designed the curriculum, and it was a very short time to fit everything in – just five days a week over six weeks.

“It went really well and we achieved really high rates of employment afterwards.

“The people at the Jobcentre said it was the first time they’d had a waiting list of people wanting to go on a particular course.

“I was the only health and social care tutor this year to win a Medal of Excellence, and I was also the only person to win the Tallow Chandlers’ Award as well.”

The Tallow Chandlers is a historic livery company in London and Ian Robertson, the Master Tallow Chandler, helped present the award with the Princess Royal.

Earlier in the year, Mrs Allen was also awarded with the medal of excellence for her work. Nick Spenceley, Seevic principal and chief executive, said: “I am delighted Kimberley has received this special honour.