TOWIE producers made a last-minute attempt to film an episode of the reality show at the Leigh Folk Festival this weekend.

Organisers of the festival were approached on Tuesday for permission to allow the cast to be filmed at the three-day event, but they say it is highly unlikely to be granted because of the late notice.

Speaking just hours ahead of the start of the festival yesterday, Tony Prior, chairman of the festival committee, said: “In order for anything to happen at the folk festival, the committee and trustees would have to approve it.

They would look at things like budgeting for this sort of presence.

“We are looking at that situation, but there has been no final decision.

“They were interested in filming an episode of Towie at the festival, but from a logistical point of view the application was very late.

“There are certain safety procedures that have to be put in place and management plans have to be looked at to make sure they comply.

“The decision isn’t final, but there would probably be too much admin too late to allow it to happen.

“It could also attract far more people to the festival and we could have crowd control problems.”

The popular festival has more acts than ever before.

The Fishwives Choir will perform along with Mike Heron, Son Yambu, Stick in the Wheel and the Furrow Collective.

The festival includes music, dance, comedy, poetry, film and theatre, and Morris dancers.