SCHOOLS will face some disruption as members of National Union of Teachers strike.

There is no requirement for unions to inform schools which members of staff will take action and there is no obligation for members to obey the call for strike action, however the majority of schools in Basildon and Castle Point plan to stay open.

School closures

Benfleet and Thundersley

Appleton School - open

Deanes - open

King John School will only be open to year 9 and 10 students. The school said: “We do appreciate the inconvenience this may cause to parents but this is due to circumstances beyond the school’s control.”

Holy Family Catholic Primary School -majority of school open, parents need to check with school to see if their child is affected by the strike as some classrooms will be closed

Jotmans Hall Primary School- open

Kents Hill Infant Academy- open

Kents Hill Junior School-open

Kingston Primary School- open

Montgomerie Primary School- open

The Robert Drake Primary School- open

Thundersley Primary School- open

Westwood Academy- open

South Benfleet Primary School- open

Woodham Ley Primary School- open


Cornelius Vermoyden- School open to Year 10 students only.

Castle View School- open

Canvey Island Infant School- open

Canvey Junior School- open

Leigh Beck Infant School and Nursery- open

Leigh Beck Junior School-closed

Lubbins Park Community School-open

Northwick Park Primary School- open

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School- open

William Read Primary School- open

Winter Gardens Primary School- open


Hadleigh Infant and Nursery School- open

Hadleigh Junior School- closed

Basildon Basildon Academies- open

James Hornsby School- open

De La Salle- open for Year 10 students only

Ghyllgrove Community Infant School- open

Ghyllgrove Community Junior School- open

Kingswood Infant and Nursery School-open

Kingswood Junior School- open

St Anne Line Catholic Infant School-closed

St Anne Line Catholic Junior School- open


Billericay School- open for students in Years 10 and 12 until 1.15pm. These year groups will attend lessons as normal and buses will be rescheduled to take students home at 1.15pm.

Mayflower School- open for years 10 and 12 students only

Quilters Infant School- open


Beauchamps- open as normal.

Bromfords School - open for Year 7, Year 8 and sixth form students


Temple Sutton Primary School- closed, children's centre will remain open

Thorpedene Primary School- closed with pre-school remaining open

Richmond Avenue- closed

Earls Hall Junior School- closed

Friars Primary- no school for students in 1G, 1J, 3A, 4T, 5L, 5V

Hinguar- closed to years 5 and 6

Milton Hall Primary and Nursery- school closed for students in year 5 Peacocks, year 4 Lapwings, Kittiwakes and Kiwis, year 3 Swans, year 2 Owls and Penguins and recpetion Sparrows. All other classes open as normal

Lancaster School- closed for year 11 and 13 and groups 5 and 6



Information on closures will be published on

Updates to follow.