A BRITAIN’S got talent puppet has joined up with a Benfleet band to create a music video.

Patsy, the American singing puppet who wowed the judges in this year’s Britain’s Got Talent competition, is now appearing alongside The Banners, a duo made up of Alan Mecham and Richard Valadez.

Musician, Mr Mecham, of Benfleet said Patsy played the perfect cover for the band’s latest track, Summertime.

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He said: “Patsy is amazing. She is the selling point of the video. She provides a really good character for the song and it all worked out really well.”

The video showcases Patsy enjoying a day out in Southend, eating ice-cream, enjoying a train ride and even taking in the sea view.

Mr Mecham added: “We didn’t want to be in the video. We’re not One Direction and we are very aware of that, to make a boy-band type video is the last thing we wanted to do and Patsy fit the bill perfectly.”

The genius puppeteer behind Patsy wishes to remain anonymous but said she had a lot of fun shooting the video.

She said: “Shooting the video was fun. I had only been to Southend once before and I really enjoyed it. I’ve known Alan a while and we wanted to do something together.

“When I heard the song, I thought it would be perfect for Patsy.”

The video has already gathered more than 1,000 views on YouTube.

Summertime features on The Banners new album called Raise which is available to download on ITunes.