A PRIMARY school paid tribute to its late headteacher with a family fun day.

Bob Knight died while on holiday in Spain during the May half-term, leaving behind a grieving school that he had successfully run for more than ten years.

A memorial assembly was held in his honour at Darlinghurst Primary School, in Leigh.

However, teachers and pupils wanted to do something more upbeat involving parents, to reflect Mr Knight’s sense of fun – and his connection with his pupils and their families.

It was decided a picnic with “Knight” themed events would fit the bill.

The event included teachers jousting in the playground on bikes, a parade around the school field with pupils waving colourful socks – something Mr Knight was famed for – and children reading poems dedicated to him.

Acting head Emma Nicholls said: “The children’s involvement with this shows their absolute love for Mr Knight.

“He was such an inspirational person and everyone at the school and the community knew what an amazing head he was.”

From next year, the school will be split into four halls.

It was a long-termplan by Mr Knight, but one he sadly never got the chance to see through.

In his honour, Year 6 pupils, who have grown up with Mr Knight, chose to name the houses after knights of the round table.

The same pupils have also raised about £500 to buy a bench in his honour.

Mrs Nicholls added: “His initial conversation whenever he met a child was always about being awesome.

“He encouraged children to work hard, but enjoy themselves while doing it, and I think that really came across.”


MR Knight’s enthusiasm and passion for learning turned the school around, according to one parent.

Clive Meech, 45, from Leigh, has seen two of his children progress through Darlinghurst and has a third now at the school.

Mr Meech was first shown around the school by Mr Knight ten years ago – and said he chose the school because of him.

He said: “He made such an impact on us.

Before he arrived, it didn’t have the best reputation.

“When he gave us a tour, every child was saying hello to him.

He knew the names of all of them.

“The school has grown so much in his time and it is doing well with Ofsted – that’s down to Mr Knight.”

He was renowned for his commitment to the school and passion for learning, but also for his management skills.

Mr Meech added: “To get the funding to improve the school buildings like he has is amazing.

“You could drive past the school at 8pm in August and his car would be in the car park!”