A TEACHER has been left frustrated after a person drove into her car and then sped off.

Sandra Dorrington, 48, of Maurice Road, Canvey, woke up last Tuesday morning to find the right side of her car had been dented by a careless driver.

She will now have to spend hundreds of pounds to fix the damage.

Mrs Dorrington, who teaches at Canvey Island Infant School, in Long Road, said: “I just came out of my house on Tuesday morning, went to get into my car and on the driver’s side it has all been dented and scraped.”

Mrs Dorrington believes the incident took place in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

She said: “It must have happened in the night.

Someone must have driven into it and then taken off.

“It is just an inconvenience now, we are honest people and now we need to pay up the money for something someone else has done.”

The teacher insists the problem has been made worse by the street light switch-off.

She said: “The problem is it probably happened in pitch black, after the lights turned off, so no-one can really see what happened.

“It is so dark that you would barely be able to see something if you walked past it.”