THIS time, the flooding was so much worse than last year.

The flooding was at least 12 inches, going up the walls and into the flooring.

Last year, we tried to prevent it coming in, using towels to stop the water coming through the doors. This year, we knew as soon as it started there was nothing we could do and nothing was going to stop it coming in.

We went round the house picking up things from the floor, so that they were high up, but the water had come in and all we could do was watch it fill up.

Anything that was on the floor is now no good.

I went into the garage to try to save some things in there, but it was all just floating.

The only thing not floating was my vacuum cleaner.

I rang the firefighters twice, but I was told they were too busy.

We watched as the water just rose.

We couldn’t even see the garden, the water was so high.

The garden decking was all lifted and was floating around.

We just knew there was nothing we could do as it would be a waste of time. I had to move my car in case there was damage to that.

There was just no warning about it coming.

After the flooding last year, we had everything redone.

It’s taken ages for it all to be finished, they started in August and only just finished it in April.

It was a nightmare. We had to live here while they did it, too.