A FAMILY have been banned from a GP surgery after secretly filming their doctor.

Clayhill Medical Practice, in Southview Road, Vange, sent a letter to the Richardson telling them they had been struck off the patient register.

Doctor Frank Hlordzi has refused to treat them again after dad Lee, 30, recorded the GP on his mobile phone.

Mr Richardson and wife Amy, 28, of Frettons, Vange, had taken oneyear- old daughter Isabelle to see the doctor after a health visitor suggested she might have hypermobility syndrome, which makes joints flexible and painful.

The couple became frustrated after Dr Hlordzi disagreed and refused to test Isabelle for the condition, so Mr Richardson began filming the appointment as “evidence”.

He said: “The doctor said there was no way a one-year-old could have hypermobility syndrome. We were only going on information we had been given.

“Normally, toddlers can crawl and pull themselves up, but Isabelle doesn’t, she just slides herself along.

“We know there is something wrong with her, but we can’t get to the bottom of it.”

Marie Venkatasawmy, manager of Clayhill Medical Practice, said: “Without the doctors knowledge or consent a recording was taken.

“It has broken down the trust and the doctor doesn’t feel he can continue to treat a patient who has done that.”