A KITTEN which was flung from a speeding car has been given a new home...by the family who saved him.

Matthew Tyler, his wife, Liz, and son Rhys, four, were horrified after they watched a motorist throw four tiny kittens from a car on Southmayne, Basildon, on Sunday afternoon. Sadly, three of the cats died on impact, however Mr Tyler managed to pull over and rescue one.

He took it the PDSA hospital, in Pitsea, where it has been undergoing treatment for the past three days.

Yesterday afternoon, the family collected the kitten from the hospital and it is now settling in to its new home, in Bowers Gifford.

Mr Tyler, 31, said: “At first, we understood that they would be re-homed by staff at the PDSA.

“I kept on and on at them and they phoned yesterday morning and said we could have him.

“My son Rhys has been asking about the kitten every morning when he gets up. We are really happy!”

The family have decided to call the kitten Fate.

The actions of the motorist on Sunday almost caused a crash as other drivers were forced to swerve on the A13 roundabout to avoid the animals.

Vet Maciej Niedbala, from the Basildon PDSA hospital, said: “The kitten was rushed in as an emergency case after being brought in by a member of the public who had witnessed this horrific incident.

“A full examination was carried out to determine the extent of any injuries and pain relief was administered. Miraculously, despite being in shock and deeply traumatised by his ordeal, the kitten did not sustain any serious injuries.

“There is absolutely no justification for anyone to treat an animal in this way and the PDSA would urge anyone who witnessed anything to contact the police as a matter of urgency.”