A MYSTERY humming noise over Shoebury appears to have been solved after a printing firm was told to keep the noise down.

Bemused Shoebury residents have complained of a “low droning” noise, with some pointing the finger at the Towerfield Road Industrial Estate.

The noise appears to have stopped after printing firm Essex Web Offset, on the industrial estate, closed its doors and greased a fan.

Mike Assenheim, Southend councillor for regulatory control, said: “Our environmental health team received four complaints regarding a noise coming from the Towerfield Road area and have been investigating a number of potential sources.

“Officers identified a high-pitched tone coming from one business unit which may be responsible for the complaints.

This appears to have been due to the doors being left open during the recent hot weather.

“The management, who have been cooperative, were advised of the complaints and a letter also sent.

“The resident who identified the noise on August 8 confirmed that following this action the noise had stopped. A further officer visit also found the high-pitched tone was no longer evident.”

Residents, particularly those living on the Garrison Estate, were baffled as to the source of the disturbance, with the MoD test site north of East Beach considered a possible cause, and some even reporting interference with radio signals.

John Dowell, chairman of the Garrison Residents’ Association, said: “It is like a saw mill going permanently. It’s sufficiently far away not to be a drone. It’s an irritant.”

Independent Shoebury councillor Anne Chalk, who could hear the noise from her home in the High Street, said: “We have had trouble with the noise from the industrial estate, especially with workers keeping the doors open in the hot weather.

“It’s the sort of thing that happens. It disturbs residents living nearby. Companies should be mindful of that.

“They should try to keep the noise inside.”

The manager of Essex Web Offset, who declined to give his name, said: “The council came round and said there had been complaints of noise.

“We said we would close the door and put grease on the fan.

“Some people came and said they could hear the noise half a mile away.”