PASSENGERS heading to Southend Airport may have to find a new place to park as yellow lines are painted on a popular spot.

Drivers will be unable to park in Manners Way, Southend, near Gaynes Park Allotments, between 8am and 6pmas Southend Council tries to prevent airport passengers clogging up the street.

Southend Council is trial ling the waiting restrictions for up to 18 months to see if they help Manner Road residents, who claim they and their visitors cannot park near their homes.

The council has taken action after residents and ward councillors called for restrictions, especially to clear the area near the allotments, off Warners Bridge Chase.

Deputy council leader Ian Gilbert said: “The council is piloting new restrictions on parking on Manners Way. We have listened to residents, who have notified us of an increase in incidents of airport-users parking on the highway for periods of days or weeks, restricting their ability to park nearby.

“The new restrictions will come in place only once the new lines have been painted, which we hope to be by the end of the week. As such, no fines will be given to any cars currently parked on the highway.

“If successful, the trial could be made permanent in future and hopefully resolve an area of increasing concern for the local community.”

Despite the council action, those living in roads off Manners Way, including Sherbourne Gardens, Oaken Grange Drive, Thornford Gardens, Derek Gardens, Alton Gardens and Warners Bridge Chase, fear the parking woes will be pushed on to their doorstep.

Dave Holliday, 81, of Sherbourne Gardens, Southend, said: “It’s a good idea, but then it’s just going to push the traffic into the side roads.

“We’re congested in our roads.

“I can keep my car off the road, but if we have visitors, where are we going to put their cars?”

Workmen, who are having to work around cars already parked in the street, hope to complete the lines by the end of this week.

No parking tickets will be issued until the work is completed.

Mark Flewitt, Conservative councillor for St Laurence, said: “I’m very pleased with the council.

“The other two ward councillors are equally in favour because we have got to take some action to see if it makes a difference for the experimental period.

“I can understand other residents want them too, but we need to be able to justify a case for them.”