FED-UP residents have collected hundreds of signatures calling for housing estates to be cleaned up.

Families have already collected about 500 signatures in just a matter of weeks and are calling on Basildon Council to tackle the rubbish, overgrown weeds and walkways on Pitsea estates such as Chalvedon and Felmores.

Pat Grogan, who set up the petition, which is supported by Labour ward councillors, also organised a community clean-up in Beambridge on Sunday.

More than 100 bags of rubbish were collected.

Mr Grogan, 69, of Beambridge, said: “I just got fed up with the council, these are the forgotten estates.

“I organised this as I was going to the shops every day and I just thought enough is enough.

The petition really is a great idea, let’s put the pride back in Beambridge.

“If you could see Beambridge now it is just unbelievable, it is immaculate. In my area they nowwant me to have another go.

We have not finished as it was such a big task.

“We don’t even get street cleaners now. This wouldn’t happen in Billericay or Wickford as that is where all the money is.

“There is £1million to be spent on projects for Pitsea, so why can’t that £1million be spent cleaning up?”

The petition calls for immediate action to clean-up the Pitsea estates as a whole and is not just about the Beambridge area.

Basildon Council, which provided the equipment for the clean-up, said the area is road swept at least once every six weeks and litterpicked at least once a month – the same as other areas.

Terri Sargent, Basildon councillor responsible for the environment, said: “Beambridge and the Felmores estate is one of the twelve areas to benefit from a Pride in your Area day, which gives residents the opportunity to dispose of large and bulky items that don’t get picked up in normal weekly collections.”

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