HE has delivered five million pints of milk, 78,000 loaves of bread and covered 262,000 miles – but milkman Steve Pasifull has now retired after 42 years on the job.

Mr Pasifull, 59, of Kingsley Lane, Thundersley, handed over the keys to his milk float for good last week, having delivered goods to families in Thundersley since 1967.

Now, the life-long milkman is bidding a fond farewell to his customers and passing down his years of wisdom to another.

Mr Pasifull said: “It’s been a huge pleasure to serve my customers, many of whom are now good friends of mine.

“The people of Thundersley are so nice and easy going, and I have always been very happy doing what I do.

“I want to thank everyone for making the past 42 years so enjoyable.

“I suppose they are the part I am going to miss the most, but I can enjoy my retirement safe in the knowledge my round will be in capable hands.”

Over the years, the Milk and More milkman has seen some of the biggest transformations in the industry, from the introduction of the classic milk float, the rivalry of supersized supermarkets, and the industry’s move into the digital age.

He said: “When I started out as a milkman, milk was only delivered in bottles and customers left handwritten notes.

“Today, customers can order online until 9pm the night before, and can order far more than just their daily pint.

“But I have still always been the same old-school milkman who likes to stop for a chat here and a cup of tea there.

“I have a huge stack of cards from my customers, and got a few bottles of drink and handshakes, which was really nice.”

Mr Pasifull is looking forward to spending his retirement fishing and tending to his garden.