A VETERAN Canvey councillor has spoken up for police after he became the latest victim of crime on the island.

Ray Howard praised Essex Police for their swift response after a "crazed maniac" launched bricks through his windows last Sunday evening.

Mr Howard, who is a county, borough and town councillor, was left severely shaken up after a thug smashed the windows in his lounge, porch, kitchen and front door, causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Armed police officers, who happened to be attending a robbery at Canvey Amusements, in Furtherwick Road at the time, were on the scene in minutes to apprehend the man in question.

Mr Howard said: “I was working in my office on Sunday evening and heard these loud bangs, but just assumed it was my neighbour carrying out work.

“So I went outside and this raving lunatic was throwing great big bricks through my windows. I am still really shaken up about it, but fortunately the police were tremendous and were there in seconds. I am grateful to them for their efforts and to my friends and family for their support.

“But if I hadn’t have been home he could have completely demolished my home. It is frustrating that people keep claiming we are one of the safest places to live and crime is going down when everything I hear and learn about suggests otherwise.”