CANVEY’S top cop has vowed police will be out in force this weekend targeting reckless boyracers.

Chief Insp Ian Cummins said officers have already put an operation in place, beginning tonight (FRIDAY), targeting reckless cruisers using Roscommon Way as a racetrack.

He said officers will patrol the dual carriageway Friday and Saturday to target those cruisers racing up and down the roads and performing dangerous stunts.

The action comes a week on from when a resident - fed up with the noisy and dangerous car enthusiasts - filmed the boyracers as they gathered and raced on Roscommon Way last Saturday.

Chief Insp Cummins said the cruisers meets on the new extension at Roscommon Way - which opened in January 2011 - had become a growing problem in recent months.

He said: “The problem has become an emerging issue over the last few months.

“It appears the location has become more popular as more people have become aware of it as an opportunist place for them to meet.

“Over the last year we have had in excess of 100 reported incidents of nuisance vehicles at Roscommon Way.

“For us, our approach is of course to prioritise public safety and we are there to enforce the law.

“We have to balance the rights and needs of the local community, which is not to have their safety put or to put up with nuisance and anti-social behaviour.”

Chief Insp Cummins said, as well as being concerned at the speeds clocked up by racers and the nuisance they are causing, police also had grave concerns about the hordes of spectators dangerously gathering at the roadside to watch, film and photograph the cruisers.

He said: “We don’t want to alienate the cruising community who want to park up and show off their vehicles, that in some cases they have spent alot of money on and are very proud of.

“We will not stop the lawful pursuit of showing up and parking nice vehicles.

“Our issue though is managing large numbers who are congregating in one area with alot of spectators and we are not prepared to tolerate those breaking the law by speeding or causing noise and nuisance for residents.”

Chief Insp Cummins said, although police operations will target the nuisance cruisers, police will be working with Castle Point and Essex County Councils for a long-term solution.

He said, despite not ruling out the use of a dispersal order - which bans cruisers from gathering and was successfully used in Basildon - a long-term solution to the problem could come in the form of “structural changes” to the road such as speed humps or other road calming measures.

Ahead of the weekend’s crackdown on the cruisers, Chief Insp Cummins urged boyracers to behave.

He said: “I would appeal to the cruiser community to act responsibly and please give due regard to public safety.”