A LUCKY young driver walked away with only minor injuries after his car struck a taxi and flew upside down through the air before ending up on its roof.

Neighbours in quiet Moreland Avenue in Benfleet were left amazed that no one was seriously hurt or killed in the crash that involved a black Ford Fiesta, a cab and parked car.

The car was heading down Moreland Avenue when it collided with a taxi at the Eversley Road junction.

Local resident and former Castle Point Labour councillor Joe Cooke, 67, said: “The taxi’s bumper was detached and about ten yards in front of it in Eversley Road.

“Word at the scene was that the taxi clipped the rear of the car that flashed in front of it. Passengers in the taxi were thrown forward, but it seems that it could have been so much worse for them.”

Mr Cooke’s daughter, Mel Belguith, also lives down the road in Moreland Avenue with her husband and two daughters and called him to tell him what had happened.

He added: “Everyone was talking about a car flying upside down through the air.

“There was a sense of awe, relief and amazement it had not been worse and no one was seriously hurt.”

The Fiesta eventually came to a stop near to Mrs Belguith’s home.

She added: “If you had seen the car you would have thought it was a fatality. How everyone walked out alive is miraculous.

“You don’t expect to have that kind of accident and necessarily come out of it with minor injuries, but thank goodness for that.”

An Essex Police spokeswoman said: “A 17-year-old driver received minor injuries and will be reported for a motoring offence.”

It is not known what the offence is, but the force spokeswoman said the driver was insured and had a full driving license.

An East of England Ambulance spokesman added: “We were called at 1.02am on Sunday, a rapid responder and an ambulance attended and one casualty was transported to Southend Hospital with minor injuries.”

Two fire crews from Rayleigh Weir were also called to the scene.