A CANCER sufferer received a lifesaving blood transfusion just three hours after having a routine blood test.

Colleen Jacques, 83, of Delft Road, Canvey, was rushed into Basildon Hospital after having the test locally.

Her daughter Marion Wells, 54, of Roggel Road, Canvey, says her mum might not be here now if it wasn’t for the speedy results from the blood test.

Mrs Wells is backing the Echo’s campaign to keep non-urgent blood testing local after plans were revealed to move testing 90 miles away to Bedford Hospital.

Mrs Wells said: “I couldn’t believe how quick it was, especially as the test was done on a Friday afternoon, but if it all goes to Bedford there’s no way that would happen.

“It’s so brilliant what’s been happening. Mum has to have blood tests every fortnight now and we’ve had results the next morning to say she needs to go straight to hospital before, but this was super quick.

“I believe this transfusion was lifesaving because she was so low. I don’t think she would have gone on much longer like that, her haemoglobin level was really down.”

Mrs Jacques had the blood test at the Central Canvey Primary Care Centre, in Long Road, a fortnight ago after she had been feeling unwell.

Her blood was taken at 3pm and the sample was sent away for analysis at 4pm The surgery received the results back at 5pm and then at 6pm she was on her way to Basildon Hospital for the transfusion.

Mrs Wells said the Echo’s campaign is important for people like her mum who need to have their results back quickly and are relying on a speedy service.

She added: “I was so impressed with how quickly we got the results and when I read about the campaign I thought I must tell the Echo about it.

“I think the campaign’s brilliant - keep it going - anything that will save the blood tests is a good thing and the more people that come forward the better.”