SHE is affectionately known as the “crazy stamp lady” and it’s clear she is one amazing femail!

Terri Bush has single-handedly raised £75,000 for the Royal National Institute of Blind People just by collecting postage stamps.

The 43-year-old professional swimming teacher has collected millions since she embarked on her stamp duty 20 years ago.

For every kilo of UK stamps she collects she raises £3 for the cause, while she gets £12 for every kilo of overseas stamps she hoards together.

Last year alone Terri raised more than £12,000 and this year she wants to rake in even more.

Terri, of Bowers Road, Benfleet, said: “I want to raise £15,000 this year – but I need stamps, stamps and more stamps!

“I could do it 25 hours a day if I had the time. The stamps take up more of my time than my proper job.

“I have people sending me stamps from all over the world every day. Then I have to trim them down and sort them into piles so they can be sold to a collector.

“I get so many my house is literally full to the brim.

“My two girls have grown up with stamps in every corner, but they don’t mind.

“My husband Kevin is also wonderful support and I have a wonderful bunch of local residents who help me.

“People call me the ‘crazy stamp lady’ but I don’t mind– I suppose I am a bit mad!”

Terri once found a stamp worth around £300 but she is still hoping to discover some Victorian era “Penny Blacks” – the first adhesive postage stamps ever made.

She said: “It would be nice to find some valuable and rare stamps amongst the bundles someday.

“I’d ask anyone who can save used stamps to collect them for the RNIB and help us raise as much as possible “I think it’s a brilliant cause and one day someone I love might need the charity’s services.”

Haidee Roberts, of the RNIB said Terri was a special one-off volunteers. She said: “Terri goes above and beyond the call of duty, you must take a trip to her home.

“To call her crazy stamp lady would be an understatement.

“Getting through her front door is a challenge for all the bags of stamps.

“She has had very little help from RNIB and has produced countless press releases, news articles not to mention written thousands of letters and emails trying to encourage businesses, school, and individuals to take up collected used stamps for RNIB.”

l If you want to help Terri’s remarkable plight email or send your stamps to Terri at PO Box 185, RNIB Benfleet, SS7 9BH.