A TEENAGER who has lived with diabetes since the age of five has been honoured for her sporting achievements.

Rebecca Foyle, 14, won the Rochford District Council Disability Sports Personality of the Year. Gymnast and dancer Rebecca focuses on her abilities rather than her condition. The Fitzwimarc School pupil won the title last month.

Her mum Suzanne, from Rayleigh, said: “’We noticed Rebecca had diabetes quite early on because she was so thirsty, had lost weight and was always tired, which are all classic symptoms.

“She had already started dancing at this young age attending tap, modern, ballet and gymnastics classes. We have always had the attitude that it’s not going to stop her in life, and this has been the best thing, as it is now her own attitude.

“Rebecca has to keep tight control on her sugar levels, especially with the excessive amount she does. It means she can have desserts, cakes, sweets etc.... the same as any other child, but the only difference is that she needs something sweet before she exercises. The fact she dances every day (except one), means she is not deprived of anything.

“Despite this disability, through determination and hard work, she is now an accomplished dancer with a world title to her name. She truly deserves her award.”

Rebecca, who is on three insulin injections a day, goes to Performers Dance College in Corringham, Karizma Urban Dance School in Canvey and is a member of Masters of Motion (MOM), a street dance team aged 10-15 who have appeared n Britain’s Got Talent.

They won the 2011 Youth World Street Dance Championships in Blackpool, and this year moved up to the U18 Advanced Category and came fourth in the world championships.

At FitzWimarc School, Rebecca represents the school in gym and trampolining. in 2011, she competed in the Under 14 National Gymnastic Competition and with her team came third.