A PARKING contractor has called for tougher sentencing - after a man attacked one of his wardens.

Neil Hunwicks, whose firm Acpo patrols the town’s streets, believes that people who attack his staff should face prison.

He spoke out after Suchay Hunyh punched civil enforcement officer Heather Povey, 51, in the face leaving her with a bloody nose.

A member of the public rushed to her aid sfter seeing the incident in York Road carpark, Southend.

She was taken to a nearby vets where they managed to stem the bloodflow.

Hunyh, 66, of Manor Avenue, Basildon, was later charged with assault by beating.

He appeared before Southend Magistrates Court where he pleaded guilty and was fined £750.

He must also pay £160 costs and £200 compensation to the victim.

Mr Hunwicks said: “APCOA supports the strongest possible sentence necessary to punish anyone who physically assaults our Civil Enforcement Officers and which would act as a deterrent to others.

“In this case, as the assault was particularly serious, a custodial sentence might have been more appropriate.”

The incident happened on November 28 last year as Mrs Povey issued a ticket to Hunyh’s white mercedes van, believing it did not have a valid permit.

Mr Hunwicks said he takes a tough line on anyone who attacks their staff.

Last year they reported 29 verbal assaults and 25 physical assaults.

He said: “APCOA in Southend has a 100% success rate for every assault that gets to court and we have a zero tolerance in all cases where are staff are either threatened or actually assaulted doing their job.”

Mr Hunwicks said that he would also like to thank the people who came forward to help his colleague or agreed to be witnesses.

He said: “I would like to pass on our thanks to these unknown members of the public for their fantastic support to our colleague.”