A LEGAL wrangle over a six-inch strip of land threatens to leave owners of new luxury flats, worth up to £1million, without parking. The Nirvana apartments in the Leas, Westcliff, are about to go on the market after five years - after developers finally managed to overcome economic difficulties and iron out planning snags. Now it has been revealed that the owners of a 100yards by 6in strip, which lays between the flats and neighbouring Bellway Court, have appointed a legal team alleging Nirvana’s developers do not have permission to cross their land to reach the concealed parking area. Although this is hotly disputed by the developers. The so-called ransom strip is designed to prevent encroachment into neighbouring land. The action is being taken by two of the three owners of the land, including Ashley Gore who does not live locally. His solicitor, Kevin Condren, said: “There is a ransom strip between Bellway Court and Nirvana. “We have sent a letter to the owner of Nirvana. “The matter will unfortunately be decided by a court. Solicitor Heather Millane acting for Mukesh Aggarwal, who owns the Nirvana development, said: “We have received a letter, but there is no merit whatsoever in this claim and we will be defending any action brought. We just think it has been done for nuisance value. “They do own the strip of land, but we have not trespassed on it. Surveys we have had carried out are quite clear about that. “We don’t cross that strip of land and even if we did we have got the right of way.”