BEAKY the emu was just a humble egg when she arrived at a wildlife centre in Great Wakering but if all goes to plan she will in future be known as Lady Durham.

The four-year-old emu is leaving the Dangerous Wild Animal Sanctuary (DWARF) for Shuttleworth College in Biggleswade where a mate called Lord Durham awaits her.

It is hoped romance will blossom and they will produce a batch of top notch offspring before long. Sanctuary owner Iain Newby is sorry to see her go but insists it’s all for the best.

He said: “She has got a boyfriend called Lord Durham waiting for her so she will become Lady Durham.

"My wife bought her as an egg as a Christmas present for me. I made an incubator for her and was amazed when she hatched.”

She will be well looked after by animal welfare students at Shuttleworth.

Spokeswoman Jacquie Manners said: “We have had emus here before and look forward to providing Beaky with a spacious and safe environment. Her former family and friends can rest assured she will be well looked after."