A HAPPY couple have made history at the weekend by being the first people to get married on Southend’s iconic pier.

Even a bitterly cold wind on Saturday afternoon couldn’t spoil the romance as Ian and Emma Barnes, from Southend, got married at the pier’s Cultural Centre.

The centre recently got a licence to hold marriage ceremonies and when the couple found out they knew that the mile-long pier was the perfect location for them to tie the knot.

Care assistant Emma, 24, said: “We had our first date and kiss on the pier when it was an absolutely lovely day in the summer.

“It was very, very romantic.

“It’s been such a lovely day and it has all come together so well. I can’t wait to tell the grandkids that we were the first to get married at the pier.”

The newlyweds have been together for more than a year and are now looking forward to moving into their new home and going on their honeymoon.

Paratrooper Ian, 22, said: “I’m still a little bit shook up. It hasn’t sunk in yet.