I have lived in Pitsea for most of my life. Over the past 40 years I have experienced everything from road works to Tesco Extra and establishing the library and leisure centre.

This has led to the emergence of a still-viable and vibrant town, humming with the life engendered by the market and a sense of community.

Unfortunately we find ourselves in the hands of minor, presumptuous politicians who claim to know what is in the interests of Pitsea residents. They pat us on our heads and say: “There, there, dear, you don’t need a swimming pool or a market which is too big. You need a vast new hypermarket to attract thousands of visitors so you can admire their shiny new cars and see what life is like in the outside world.”

Councillor Malcolm Buckley states Pitsea town centre is declining and in need of investment. We are worried by pontificating, patronising politicians who care more about balancing books than the electors who have asked them to act on their behalf.

Dai Hancock

Brackendale Avenue