I complained to the airport about noise and was sent a stock letter saying as I was 0.4 miles from the runway I should expect to hear and see aircraft.

Really? We are blasted awake at 6.30am virtually every morning, seven days a week, then lie awake waiting for the next flight at about 7am and then every 15 minutes or so after that. The airport points out there are no night flights, but we have been woken at least three times at 1am and 4am, during the Olympics.

Stobart says it is going to expand the Airport. Well I say no flights before 7.30am or after 11pm. Southend is a small, regional airport and must be treated as such. There is no doubt homes have been blighted and Stobart must compensate all affected.

The whole scheme was rushed through by Stobart (it’s a pity he wasn’t given the Sadlers Farm reconstruction it would have been finished in no time). I am not against flights during the day, but further flights before 7.30am and after 11pm must be stopped.

The airport has a website for complaints, let’s use it.

David Hughes

Whitehouse Meadows


...People who say we are just moaning about airport noise are talking out of the back of their heads.

I have lived in Leigh all my life and am fed up with the constant sound of planes coming over my flat every morning from 6am. One night, one flew out at midnight, just as I was about to go to sleep.

I curse the day the council agreed to an expansion of the airport.

Linda K Roberts

Dawlish Drive