I don't think Hammers will go down

IT WAS a poor performance in the defeat to Fulham, but I still don’t think West Ham will be dragged into a relegation battle.

I can’t deny it’s now a massive game for us on Saturday against Swansea now, though.

Swansea are a good passing side and it will be a tough game, that’s for sure.

Like I said, I don’t think West Ham will get dragged into trouble, but it is time for some of our more senior players to start taking responsibility because if we’re still talking about defeats in three or four weeks’ time then it will be time to worry.

Teams go through bad spells, but I’ve been saying for a while now that defensively we are poor.

And it’s from corners, free-kicks and anything into the box – we are seeing an inability to defend them properly.

I don’t think the players can blame a lack of confidence, because they started the season so well.

For me I think they just keep showing a lack of pride and passion, and they only way to turn that around is to work hard.

At the moment we go behind and we seem to chuck the towel in.

It’s all good and well having a season where we draw with Manchester City and beat Chelsea, but losing to Fulham and getting smashed by Arsenal shows that at the moment the team is just not good enough.

Not a fan of the transfer window

IT was the end of the January transfer window this week, and I’m sure there will be the usual interesting late deals.

There are arguments for and against having the window, but I think clubs should be able to buy players all year round.

When I played you could get transferred at any time, but now teams have to wait until January before they can go and buy somebody.

It does not help managers and teams who are struggling because if they have to wait a couple of months to get new players, that could make a big difference to their season.

Scar face!

I WAS at Elstree Studios this week to film a cameo role for a new film called ‘The Hooligan Factory’.

It’s a British comedy that’s due out next year and I had a lot of fun on set, although it was a long day.

Cass Pennant is in it, he has a cameo role too, and there were some good actors there.

I play one of the firm’s main bosses they put a scar on my face in make-up because I’m a bit of a pretty boy!

And I was thinking about keeping it because I had a meeting the next day and that would have turned a few heads!