SOUTHEND Rugby Club captain Michael Guess is waiting to find out if a nasty eye injury will bring his career to an end.

The powerful prop forward was forced to leave the field against Launceston a fortnight ago after suffering the problem in his right eye.

And he will find out on Monday if he will be able to play again.

“It’s been a traumatic couple of weeks and now it’s just a question of what the specialist says when I go back to see him,” said Guess, 28.

“When I get there the decision may have been made for me or I could have some tough decisions to make.

“I have a young family and that’s obviously my priority.

“But I’ll wait and see what the specialist says and hopefully it will be good news.”

Guess suffered the eye injury while forming part of a driving maul in Southend’s 20-17 triumph against Launceston.

But he soon realised the injury was more serious and was immediately taken to Southend Hospital for treatment.

“To start off with I thought I just had mud in my eye but when I closed my left eye all I could see was white and I realised I had a problem,” said Guess.

“When our physio came on she immediately asked if I could see and that was before I even told her what was wrong.

“My eye was quite disfigured and it turned out that my eyeball had been squashed and that the pupil was on the side of it.

“I’m not sure how it happened but it wasn’t nice at all.”

Guess underwent laser treatment in a bid to improve his eye and restore his sight.

But his vision will never be the same again.

“It’s much better than it was but it will never be the same again now,” said Guess.

“I have to be very careful with it too and make sure nothing goes near it for now.

“The treatment was quite painful and felt like I was actually being stabbed in the eye because my retina was being burnt.

“But watching the game at the weekend hit home what I was missing out on and I just hope I can get back playing.”