ALAN Mullally feels it is a disgrace that Kevin Pietersen’s England career has come to an end.

The 44-year-old, who has now joined Southend & EMT, lined up with the South African-born Pietersen while with Hampshire.

And he feels certain the controversial batsman should still be playing international cricket.

“I think it’s a disgrace what’s happened with Kevin,” said Mullally, who played for England in both Test and One Day internationals.

“Yes he’s a bit arrogant, but who isn’t? And I think you have to be when you have 90,000 Aussies screaming abuse at you.

“He’s also a bit brash but I know him well and he’s a smashing guy who I think is actually quite insecure and he tries to hide that.

“Yes you need to be strict with him and he needs to be carefully managed, but as a player there’s no doubting his talent.

“For me he’s as good as Viv Richards and that’s coming from someone who had Viv has his hero when he was a kid.

“He’s a huge, huge talent and I just don’t understand the decision England have made.”