THINGS have been individually and collectively disappointing for us in the last few weeks and there can be no hiding that fact.

There appears to have been a mind-shift among the players and we’ve gone from being a side who had lost once in 15 games to one who hasn’t won in eight.

We obviously want to put things right and that makes Saturday’s game against Wycombe Wanderers vitally important.

We need to get ourselves going again and I firmly believe that one victory will do that.

I hope the fans will continue to get right behind us because it’s certainly a day for bums on seats and vocal fans.

We want to give them plenty to cheer about and we certainly want to do much better than we did in the second half at Northampton.

For the first 45 minutes I thought it was a good, old fashioned League Two game with both teams going for it and there were a few tackles flying around the place.

We made a couple of chances but you couldn’t really argue with the scores being level even though I did think half-time came at a better time for them than us because we were beginning to get some momentum going.

But in the second half it was completely different and we didn’t look like the same team.

Northampton seemed to want it more than us and we just didn’t seem to deal with what they threw at us.

We had quite a long chat about things after the game, one or two harsh words were spoken and things were said to certain individuals.

I think the spine of our side needs to be stronger and the players need to show the right kind of mentality again.

We went with a different kind of system for the game, mainly due to us having just one fit centre back, Mark Phillips.

But I thought the system actually worked quite well and we played some good stuff in the first half.

I also don’t think it’s all about systems, it’s about the players and the first goal came from a set piece which wasn’t down to the formation at all.

We needed someone out there was who prepared to put they head in and get hurt in order to stop them scoring.

And at the other end we also needed someone who didn’t mind getting hurt for that final shot or finish to help us get the ball in the back of the net on a more regular basis again.


>THE injuries we seem to be picking up to our defenders at the moment is just unbelievable.

I’m not going to use it as an excuse for our recent poor form but to be two defenders in on loan and have them both pick up long term injuries on their debuts is particularly unlucky.

We’ve had that with both Luke O’Neill and Cian Bolger and the same thing happened with Julian Bennett right at the start of the season.

Luke Prosser and Adam Thompson have now also been forced out as well and it’s certainly far from ideal having so many players injured in the same section of the side.