I saw the Corr incident and it was a stupid thing to do. It was pretty much a Pardew. Their defender milked it but it was so stupid from Corr to get involved. With his experience he should have known better. Can’t do that in football today.


No point blaming Eastwood. He had two half chances and no service. We create nothing. Midfield poor.


Why make substitutions when we had the momentum and a free kick outside their box.


Better pad the report out by showing a league table as if the season began on Jan 25th.


The time has come to play strikers as strikers and let the midfielders do what they do best.


One of the worst games this season. Highlight was their shot which broke a window behind the goal. Eastwood rubbish!


Really poor and just boring. Dropping Corr but using same tactics was clueless.


The most exciting thing to happen was the window getting smashed.


Lacking craft to break teams down, formation better suited to away games. Need more presence in the box at home.


Fred up top on his own is pointless. He did miss a big opportunity though. Revert to 4-4-2 please Brown. 4-5-1 not working.


Team needs a boost but what I don’t know.


Team getting worse. Solid GK and defence, midfield lacking and making no chances, strikers redundant.


Don’t play a number 10 as a lone number nine. It doesn’t work @arselona

Looked good enough defensively. Drastic work is needed to improve the product being supplied from the attackers though.


Useless. The fans who play hard earned money deserve much, much, better than a 0-0 draw to 19th in the league.


Freddy should’ve had the ball in the back of the net in the second half when their keeper messed up. Was not impressed with him.


Solid defence was the plus point. Egan looks class.


We played OK but I don’t agree with the officials as it wasn’t a red card.


My 500th game, absolute load of rubbish. Brown seems to love one up front. Getting clueless.


Bad call from Brown to start with Freddy in that formation. We all knew it, so why didn’t he?